Formed in 2015 as a metal project and signed to Elohim Productions the same year. Xaitopia resides somewhere in Sweden. In January 2017, the band released a demo album with 10 tracks in preparation for a full-length album.

One of our main visions was to release our first effort exclusively on cassettes, but the band's cassette recorder got malfunctioned and thrown away in anger which resulted in a digital release instead. CDs and vinyl records may be produced in the future but as long as our music is available somewhere in the world, whatever it is digital or physical, we’re satisfied and all we can say to you is to enjoy the music (if you want to).

Xaitopia's music can be described as mediocre metal, recorded with candles, fire and apples in a dark, cold cave in the middle of nowhere. We couldn't have wished for something better.

A few couple of months after the release of the demo album, Xaitopia released an EP called Repent with 2 tracks. One year later the band released a new EP, but this time with 3 tracks and a little different approach on the production. The release time between one and another release hasn’t been the best, but everyone does what they do best and love, and we always keep in our hearts and minds that music should be fun and not a must for us and not something mandatory. With that said, the members are always preparing (in some or another way) for new releases and new music to be released in the near future, we can't really say when those things will be done because it could take a month or 10 years to finish. Everything depends on the mood of the band, the weather and/or if it suddenly starts to snow.



In the Depth of Tears - 15.08.2018


Repent EP - 15.08.2017


DEMO 2017 - 09.01.2017


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