Our only single was called First chapter. We wrote the songs together during rehearsals in 2012. A simple jam that turned out to be too good for just a jam so we named it "DM7g13" for the two chords in it and made it our official "theme song". A 50-minute long, salsa-inspired track with a smooth groove.

  1. DM7G13
  2. Jam in A-minor


Trulls was a jazz band from Sweden. We were active between 2012-2013 and had some gigs and had a minor sucess. The band split0 up after a short time. A bootleg or two may exist somewhere. The quintet would like to thank everyone who attended our gigs.

Members 2012-2013

  • Vocals - Anneli
  • Guitar - Adam
  • Piano - Vidar
  • Bass - Elias
  • Drums - Johannes


  • 2012.10.?? - 2012.11.?? - Live @ a few local places in Sweden
  • 2012.11.?? - Live @ VOU CLUB
  • 2012.12.?? - Live @ VOU CLUB
  • 2013.06.11 - Live @ a local fest (CANCELLED)