3-4 years later, we're on these pages. How? We don't care. Some old info, a few old pics, some links and a few songs. Good? Here and here!
Primordial Conflict would like to let you know that our first album is on its way and we're currently in the mixing process of the new release. If everything goes as planned we'll release it in Q2/Q3 and we hope to deliver a nice package for you to enjoy. Also we have been searching for some new places to play live. We hope to play near you in the future but that's a long process which requires a lot of effort and time planning and that's what we're gonna do next!
New live dates added! So far it's good, but more shows are to come. However, the band was in the studio before Christmas, December 20th 2013 and recorded a new single. A beautiful and nice piece, we'll release it soon with a special SURPRISE! Updates about it and other things will be posted on our FaceBook page.
Our new single, Flesh Wound is now availabe at SoundCloud
For news about upcoming shows, visit the Live section.
Our singles are available for FREE download on Last.fm and SoundCloud
New single released. Mystic Night And Cosmic Fuzz
New demo single to be released soon, stay tuned on this page or on FaceBook.
OHP launched



  • 05.04.2014 Live @ Lidingö Rock 2014, Lidingö, SWE
  • 21.03.2014 Live @ Björkeby Fritidsgård, Järfälla, SWE
  • 07.02.2014 Live @ Copperfields, Stockholm, SWE
  • 25.01.2014 Live @ Spinnrocken, Södertälje, SWE
  • 24.01.2014 Live @ Fritidsgård Duvnäsgatan, Sockholm, SWE
  • 03.01.2014 Live @ My:Närcon2014, Älsvsjö, SWE


  • 09.11.2013 Live @ Huset, Huddinge, SWE
  • 08.11.2013 Live @ Brother Tuck, Stockholm SWE
  • 27.09.2013 Live @ Järna fritidsgård FUTURUM, Järna SWE
  • 13.09.2013 Live @ Brother Tuck, Stockholm SWE
  • 16.08.2013 Live @ Copperfields, Stockholm SWE



Formed in spring 2013, members of the band met eachother during high school and their interest for progressive rock and music in general was the sparkle to lit the light of the band. The band went through various constellations until settling with Wille on vocals and guitar, Elias on bass and Daniel on the drums. EliasTogether they made Primordial Conflict, music with a touch of heaviness combined with an astonishing live performance that will take you to a place beyond this world. Think of every kind of music and mix them together in a blender, add some spices, some flavor juice and you'll get Primordial Conflict. We as a band played at some festivals, had a few gigs and recorded and released a few singles before we called it quits. We managed to record a few new songs that we planned Daniel to release as an EP but we never did and the songs never made it out to the light. We did lots of studio sessions, we had fun recording, arranging, mixing and mastering our stuff. A lot of the stuff we did was made by us, we kind of followed some "DIY"-rules and at the time, we were happy with the result (well, not every time). We've been inactive for a long time so this page acts as a memorial page to remind us of what we did as a band and all the times we got together and jammed, sometimes for some very long sessions consisting of just improvised material.



Flesh Wound


Mystic Night
and Cosmic Fuzz


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